create a site with WordPress free full guide

create a site, nothing simpler of our day. everything was easier to finish the old time or it was absolutely necessary to know how to program HTML, CSS, PHP, JS and other languages. To have a blog or site you just have to have a Hosting, a Template, a Domain Name and install some Plugin. This free guide will teach you how to create a site with WordPress for free

Create a site with WordPress Easily without Programmer

Before you start, you should have an idea about the result you will get at the end. Your site would have two interfaces that of administrator and the other of user.
the Administrator part as its name indicates would allow you to personalize your site, to insert content, to moderate the comments, in fact to manage all the site as you please, so it is this Management System that WordPress uses.

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The User part will be the one that will see and consult the Internet users. it is in this part that your idea of ​​creation of the web site will develop, it will have the look that you would have to give, the interface that you would like and will share your ideas and your creativity
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Which Host Choosing for his WordPress Site

To create a site with WordPress the choice of the host relies only on the performance you want to Get such as: RAM, Traffic, Bandwidth, Server Optimize and facilitation options SSL, CDN, DNS Management, Association of External Services: Domain Name and others.
For me the ideal is the one that has an easy to use interface with support available to assist you in case of problems, additional options in fact the one who will take care of everything without you have external needs. For my sites I use OVH, you can also look for hosts known as: Namecheap, 1 And 1, LWS …

Which Template uses for his WordPress site

create a site with WordPress The choice of Theme will depend on your niche, there are many WordPress Template for Blog, e-commerce site, business site, ad site, and much more to make more professional, you must do a choice on flexibility, compatibility with all browsers, and its appearance on mobile because Smartphone and tablets are used more and more

create a site with WordPress

The advantage for Themes is that you can use Demo versions to preview before buying them. Noted that in order to have a site that is well optimized, you need to have a Responsive, Lightweight, Structuring Theme and optimize your SEO by setting up a quality Sitemap.

How to install WordPress at his host

All hosts are compatible with WordPress, you have the possibility of WP installation via a module available from your host if your host does not have this option you can install it via ftp

Automatic installation of Worpress using module

the modules facilitates the manual installation and installs quickly and simply it is just enough to make it to his host is available option available and click on install a module, you might encounter the CMS installation suggestions : Jumla, worpres, prestashop or drupal but you only choose Worpress

installation of Worpress using module

This installation will automatically create the database to give you information that you would add, your login credentials you send e-mail a final installation. you just have to go to your Administration area to start managing your site. your link to your Admin page will be

Manual installation of WordPress using ftp client

Faith your ftp credentials create at your web host download and install ftp transfer software I advise you filezilla client because it is the most use. then go to the official Worpress website and download WP in your language. Uncompress the wp installions file that you have downloaded, enter your login information on your ftp, an authentic connect send the wp file in your hosting

upload wordpress to cpanel using ftp

Back to your host to create your MySQL database. go to a page used to create your database. filling in the following fields:
Name of the database: The name of the one you just created
Login: Your username for your cPanel
Password: Your password for your cPanel
Host of the database: Leave to “localhost”
All you need to do now is go to your Exp: login page to manage your site. Congratulations you have just created a WordPress site thanks to the Guide de Plus 2 Tuto

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