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iTunes 2018 is a free multimedia and software organization application for your PC. This not only allows you to organize and play digital music, TV shows, movies, audio books and iOS applications,but also to synchronize all your collected data with all Apple portable devices (such as iPhones, iPods and iPads). The media and application collection process can be done by importing your own data from your PC or in a very user-friendly online store offering first-class content. Purchases made on Apple iTunes Store can be shared with all your devices, allowing you to enjoy this content wherever you are.

iTunes 2018

If you have one of the iOS devices, use this option if iTunes allows you to easily organize and purchase your multimedia and mobile applications. Another interesting addition is the powerful Cloud Sync feature that automatically transfers all your purchases to all your devices.

iTunes features 2018

Play video using on-screen controls.

What’s new about iTunes 2018

  • Mobile device support updated from to
  • Updated application support from 7.0.2 to 7.1.
  • Various security updates

This update supports iOS 12 devices and includes new features for Apple Music subscribers:

  • Search with the lyrics of the songs. Find songs using some of the words you remember.
  • New artist pages. Start a customizable station with any artist’s music in one click and browse artist catalogues more easily with its improved design.
  • Friends nmix. Follow your friends to listen to a list of songs you’ll like from all your friends.
  • Lists of the world. Play the top 100 songs from countries all over the world every day.

iTunes 2018


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