Messenger without Facebook, how to use without fb account

It is now possible to use the Facebook Messenger application without a Facebook account. Be close to your girlfriend and family, coworker and other by using only your Phone Number to set up Messenger without Facebook. Note that the exchanges are still ironing such as: sending photo, video, audio, voice, and file with the only difference that your fb account is no longer associated. in this article I explain to you how to configure the application and I will give you some advantages of the Msg.

How to use Messenger without Facebook

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1-) Download The Messenger application

To install the application In your Mobile, you have several alternatives: either download in the official website or in the Play-store of your phone. do not forget also file transfer applications: Xender, Sharet it, hyper send … you can also use them to receive from other devices.

2-) Install Fb Messenger

If you download it from the Play-Store, the installation will be done automatically. On the other hand if you received it from the other equipments, Like any other application it is enough to click on the apk so that it starts the installation. At this point make sure to activate the installation from unknown sources.
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How to Configure Messenger Without Fb Account

Hoping that the installation step is going well, Open the application, you will see an interface displayed as on the image below. Ask if you have a Facebook account or not. You just have to click on I do not have a Facebook account and follow the new step that will appear
Also noted that if you have the old version of Messenger your interface will be displayed as on the middle image.
messenger without facebook
When you tighten on the right image described above. you just have to enter your phone number without forgetting the call sign (+237) as an example for Cameroon.
A message (SMS) with the confirmation code would send you. After detecting the confirmation code you go to the profile configuration step. Enter your first and last name + Profile picture.
After that it is the step of import of contact that you will have to activate to find your contact present on Messenger and voila! you just set up free Messenger without Facebook

Benefit What the Messenger app offers

You have the ability to manage your Text Message or to say your GSM SMS with this application and that’s what I use in my Phones for SMS management. This is more pro and beautiful than Classic messaging.

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